Commute Program Benefits for Businesses

Both employers and employees report benefits when commute transportation programs are implemented, but to do so, you will need support from upper management, sufficient budget and time to manage the program. The following information may help illustrate the value of your employee transportation program.

The City of San Ramon knows the value of encouraging employees to use clean air commute options – less traffic congestion and better air quality for everyone. Clean air commute options like carpool or mass transit help reduce the stress that employees experience in their daily commute and help improve their wellness. Not only are these good outcomes for the employee, but they can help lower long-term medical costs for the employers.
—Darlene Amaral, City of San Ramon

  • Improved Health. Studies show that using active modes can improve employee health and reduce the negative physical and psychological effects of commuting. Learn more about How Employees Benefit from Commute Alternatives.
  • Increased Attendance. Employers often see a direct link between employee commute behavior and attendance and turnover. See how employers can discover Bottom-Line Benefits.
  • Reduced Parking Costs. With a growing number of cars on the road comes an increasing demand for parking at worksites. Some employers are discovering that providing commute programs can help reduce out-of-pocket costs for items like real estate for parking. Learn more about Parking Demand Management.