Conduct Your Survey

An employee survey may reveal the best commute alternatives to promote and illuminate the pain points for your employees. Start by asking employees about their commute to find out their satisfaction with their current options and to inform ways to refine or augment your commute program.


1. Use a mix of methodologies, including online surveys and paper-based surveys. While online surveys save money and are easier and faster to collect, paper surveys are essential to reach groups who don’t have immediate access to the Internet (e.g., warehouse workers, delivery personnel).

2. Assure employees that their responses are 100 percent confidential.

3. Promote the survey! Talk about the survey in multiple formats, and get creative. Use posters, table tents, newsletters, intranet postings, and even your email signature to generate excitement.

4. Monitor participation in real-time and share the company’s progress, especially if results are tracked by teams or departments.

5. Reward employees for completing the survey individually or teams with the highest participation rate.

6. Run your survey at the same time each year to measure improvement from previous years’ surveys and to look for new opportunities for growth.

The Spare the Air Employer Program developed an employee transportation survey template with common questions to help you plan and monitor your commute program. If you would like a template in Survey Monkey, please request access to the template by emailing