Market Your Program

Now it’s time to spread the word about your program. Get started with these easy tips.

Consider how your company communicates with its employees.

Communications tools might include:

  • Email,
  • Snail mail,
  • Intranet,
  • Internal social media,
  • Digital signs in a lobby, cafeteria, etc., and
  • Posters, stanchions, brochures in racks, table tents or other physical materials.

Make a list of the tools available to you and focus on methods that will grab employees’ attention. Some employers report that employees ignore emails or internal social media, so pick the method(s) that work best for your employees. Consider subject lines that grab attention, and use communication methods you know get more notice in your office setting.

Make the most of in-person marketing. Present at your all-staff meetings or visit multiple department meetings. Set up a table in common places (lobbies, cafeterias, etc.) to offer in-person information and assistance. Take advantage of internal events like new employee orientations and annual open enrollment events. Make use of employees who are already using alternatives, identifying them as champions for your program.

Utilize existing marketing materials. No need to reinvent the wheel! The Employer Program offers ready-to-go materials that you can use right away. Visit Marketing Tools to find posters, digital signage, articles and other materials.

Develop a marketing calendar. Leverage other regional activities like Bike to Work Day, Earth Day or other countywide or regional efforts. Time your communications to coincide with holiday themes, such as New Year’s resolutions. Build in activities related to external events like highway construction projects or express lane openings. Visit The Ultimate Commute Program Resource to find links to mode-specific or general promotions planned by other organizations. Slot your own marketing activities in between these off-the-shelf promotions, and remember to build in time for internal approval processes!